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Purrrfect Pooch was established in 2020. I purchased a Bichon Havenese mixed breed Havachon. She was purrrfect! She is Primarily white. She had red tear ducts staining by her eyes. I tired everything to get rid of the red tears. Nothing worked, i decided to research ways to correct this situation.

Her diet was the answer! The food she was eating has grains, dyes, meat by product! The foods was not good for her! Or anyone you Love! So i started preparing WinterGirl’s meals… I then started my Gourmet Cusine for Smaller Breeds…. Finest quality vegetables, prime cuts of meat. cooked to prefection! Its REAL FOOD, You can eat as well.


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Our Mission

To create a safe and rewarding environment for our furry loved one. To help Dogs of all sizes to be healthy, eat healthy long lives. Our Furry friend are ending up with all shorts of disease, and other serious health issues. It has to be the food we are feeding them. Your Dog and or cats will live healthy live with a cleaner diet. We can help them now for better health, or pay later with expensive veterinary bills.

High-End Quality

we use the finest quality fresh vegetables. Also use Prime quality meats. this Gourmet cusine is food you and I can eat. There are no additives or preservatives. no ingredients you cant pronounce. This truely good food, just made for our dogs.

A Small Dogs World, But How We Love Big Dogs

At some time in near future we will offer Dog Food For Bigger Dogs.

This is what makes us different
Hear from our customers.

My dog reaaly enjoys this food, he eats it way too fast! Its like bam and it’s gone! It looks good but Iam scared to try it, lol.

Mike Sendler

My dog loves this food! I will be buying monthly plan!

Melissa Miner

Want to know more about litter box training my puppy. It could help with her aniexty.​

Andrew Woods

So far this litter box isnt working, He wont go in there? any suggestions? I cant wait for the booklet you have coming out. When is it coming out?

Jenny Sanders

Dillian loves the food he stands around and waits for it. Not sure thats a good or bad thing lol.

Steven Moore

Roxy loves this food. she cries at her bowl for it at dinner time. We are gonna do monthly just to get the savings.

Alicia Hilson

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