A Small Breed World, My WinterGirl

My Love for all dogs of every size. However with my life style here in Hells Kitchen Midtown Manhattan,
there is only enough space for a small dog.

Iam Cheryl & WinterGirl

My love for my dog and her well being, started this journey in August 2020. Winter was a Covid Baby. So we didnt go out much. We spent every moment getting to know one another. Winter is a whole little person. With so much personality! i was concerned about red tears and spirilled into what was best for her health. I started preparing her meals. then friends wanted to get there pets healthy. They didnt have time nor patience to shop, prep, prepare there dogs food. So they started putting in orders for weekly and monthy food for their dog. Everyone said the World need this start a Dog food line. So here we are,gourmet Dog food.

While me and winter went through Covid Together. We got her litter box trained so we wouldnt have to be out so much and putting us at risk to catching anything. So she not the first litter box trained dog of mine she is the second. Litter box trained Dogs has great benifits. they dont have to be locked in a kennel ,for being afraid that dog will have accident in the house. they can actually go as they please like you and me. They wont have to be locked up when you leave home, since they have a potty in the house. I started my Dog Litter Line also. I have a booklet coming soon on how to properly Litter Box Train Your smaller Breed Dogs.

Very Happy to take this journey with you. with welness in mind for our PurrrFect Pooches…

Our Mission

Is to bring you best quality Gourmet Food For your Small Breeds Dogs. Best in Dog litter For Small Breeds. Also to bring quailty Clothing I sew and other beautiful clothing items for boy and girls small breed dogs. We will also have highest quality accesories for dogs. We havent started with large Dogs yet, weve only just begun.


Cheryl Wallace

Iam just beginning come with me on this journey to welness for all our furry loved ones. They are our family, they trust us. lets keep them healthy and live better lives. all by changing there diet. I will be doing cooking classes on IamWinterGirl Facebook, instagram,tic toc, Youtube.Check me on all platforms. Good stuff. witness our journey.

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